CBG Hand Sanitizer – 150mg


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This hand sanitizer is amazing!   While most grocery store hand sanitizer is basically just alcohol (make sure it contains 70% or it will be ineffective!), this unique product from Caduceus Science is infused with essential oils, CBD and CBG.  This does several things:

* CBG is showing promise as an anti-microbial that is killing the antibiotic resistant “super bugs” (MRSA etc.) that are proving too strong for our traditional antibiotics.  Combined with the alcohol, it creates a stronger and more effective anti-bacterial agent.

* The CBD and CBG, combined with the Eucalyptus oil and Aloe, help hydrate, heal and repair skin.  Typical low-cost hand sanitizer drys and damages skin because it’s essentially just alcohol (which dries skin) and perfume for scent.  

* Contains at least 70% alcohol to be effective (lab tests show nearly 74%)

This bottle is 2fl ounces (60ml) and contains 150mg of total cannabinoids.  Lab reports are available here

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